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How to Create a Twitter Wall: A Complete Guide (2024)

If you're looking for a way to boost your event's social media engagement, look no further than a Twitter wall. A Twitter wall is a digital display of curated tweets that use a specific hashtag.


If you’re looking for a way to boost your event’s social media engagement, look no further than a Twitter wall. A Twitter wall is a digital display of curated tweets that use a specific hashtag.

By displaying these tweets in real-time, you can create a buzz around your event and encourage attendees to engage with your event on social media.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about creating

and using a Twitter wall for your event and website.

What is a Twitter wall?

A Twitter wall is a digital display that shows tweets that have been curated using

a specific hashtag. Twitter walls can be displayed on a digital screen at events, conferences, website or even in public places.

The purpose of a Twitter wall is to create engagement with social media users and generate buzz around a particular event or topic.

Benefits of Using Twitter Walls

1. Real-time engagement:

Twitter walls enable real-time interaction with audiences at events, conferences, or social gatherings.

This is particularly useful for events that have a large number of attendees, as it can be difficult to engage with everyone individually.

By displaying tweets on a big screen, attendees can easily see and respond to what others are saying, helping to keep the conversation flowing and enhance audience participation.

2. Increased brand visibility:

Twitter walls can increase brand visibility by displaying tweets with relevant hashtags or mentions.

This encourages social sharing of event-related content, helping to spread the word about the brand or event beyond those in attendance.

It can also help to attract new followers or customers who may not have previously been aware of the brand.

3. Interactive displays:

Twitter walls can be used as an interactive display to showcase user-generated content, such as photos or videos.

This encourages audience engagement and can help to build a sense of community at events.

Attendees can take photos or videos and share them on social media using the event hashtag, which can then be displayed on the Twitter wall for everyone to see.

4. Audience insights:

By tracking hashtags and mentions related to the event or brand, Twitter walls can provide valuable insights into audience behavior and sentiment.

This data can be used to gauge audience reaction to the event or brand, identify areas for improvement, and inform future marketing and event planning strategies.

5. Improved networking opportunities:

Twitter walls can facilitate networking opportunities by displaying attendees’ tweets and encouraging interaction between attendees.

This can help to break the ice and make it easier for attendees to connect with each other.

By displaying relevant information about attendees, such as their job title or interests, Twitter walls can also help attendees identify potential networking opportunities.

6. Increased engagement on social media:

Twitter walls can help to increase engagement on social media by encouraging attendees to post about the event or brand.

By displaying these posts on a big screen, attendees are more likely to see and engage with each other’s content.

This can create a sense of excitement and buzz around the event or brand, which can help to drive further engagement on social media.

7. Easy to set up and manage:

Twitter walls are relatively easy to set up and manage, particularly if you use a dedicated social media wall platform.

Most platforms allow you to customize the look and feel of your Twitter wall, and some even provide real-time moderation features to ensure that only appropriate

content is displayed.

Additionally, you can usually track metrics such as engagement and reach, which can help you to measure the success of your Twitter wall and make improvements for future events.

Best Tools To Create Twitter Wall

Which Twitter wall tools are the best for 2023? We’ve developed a list of the finest Twitter wall tools in 2023 to enhance audience engagement and social proof at any event or location!


Idukki, a Twitter aggregator, enables you to gather user-generated content from Twitter as well as other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

By using hashtags, mentions, or tags, you can gather content to display on your website’s home page, product pages, checkout pages, abandoned cart emails, and social media adverts.

Try Idukki and see the difference it makes


Tweetbeam is another trustworthy Twitter all and visualization that has been in service for quite some time! TweetBeam is a fantastic tool for increasing audience interaction.

It visually motivates your audience to Tweet about you and spread the word

about your company, whether you’re at a conference, festival, or bar.

When searching for a social media wall for events, is a legitimate and reliable solution. This jovial wall application has attractive themes, provides excellent customer service, and allows users to collect material from various networks.

You can gather posts, images, and videos from many social media platforms in one location using, and then show them in a social media feed that you

can customise.


TINT is a well-known business UGC platform with remarkable integration possibilities and a user-friendly interface! It is also an excellent alternative when searching for a Twitter wall application for events.

TINT enables marketers to choose and filter user-generated content efficiently, resulting in an “always-on” content engine with an almost limitless stream of legally curated material.


Screen cloud is a digital signage software vendor that offers Twitter wall as an option for digital signage. The primary constraint of the screening cloud is that it is only compatible with digital signage technologies. You can’t use it on television displays, projectors, etc.

The top five Twitter walls for 2023 allow you to gather, organize, and display tweets.

How to Create a Twitter Wall

A. Choosing a platform for your Twitter wall

There are several platforms available for creating a Twitter wall, including:

  1. Idukki

  2. Tint

  3. Tweetbeam

When choosing a platform, consider factors such as cost, ease of use, and customization options.

B. Setting up your Twitter wall

Once you’ve chosen a platform, setting up your Twitter wall is a relatively simple process. First, you’ll need to select the hashtag you want to curate.

Next, you’ll need to connect your Twitter account to the platform you’re using.

Finally, you’ll need to customize the appearance of your Twitter wall to match your brand and event.

C. Customizing your Twitter wall

Customizing your Twitter wall is an important step in creating a successful Twitter wall.

Consider factors such as font, color, and layout when customizing your Twitter wall.

You can also add custom branding elements, such as logos or images, to make your Twitter wall more visually appealing.

Best Practices for Twitter Walls

A. Using hashtags effectively

When creating a Twitter wall, it’s important to choose a hashtag that is unique and easy to remember.

Use your hashtag in all event-related communications, such as emails and social media posts, to encourage attendees to use the hashtag when posting about your event.

B. Moderating content on your Twitter wall

Moderating content on your Twitter wall is essential to ensure that inappropriate

or off-topic content is not displayed.

You can use a moderation tool provided by your platform or manually approve each tweet before it is displayed on your Twitter wall.

C. Encouraging engagement with your Twitter wall

Encouraging engagement with your Twitter wall is crucial to creating a successful social media campaign.

Consider running contests or offering incentives for attendees who post using your event hashtag.

You can also display real-time engagement statistics on your Twitter wall to encourage attendees to participate.

Using Twitter Walls for Events

A. Pre-event promotion using Twitter walls

Using a Twitter wall to promote your event before it takes place can help create buzz and generate interest.

Consider displaying tweets from event sponsors or speakers to encourage attendees to register.

B. Integrating Twitter walls during the event

During the event, a Twitter wall can serve as a focal point for social media engagement.

Consider displaying the Twitter wall in a prominent location, such as near the stage or entrance, to encourage attendees to engage with the wall.

You can also use the Twitter wall to display announcements or schedule changes in real-time.

C. Post-event analysis using Twitter walls

After the event, use your Twitter wall to analyze social media engagement and

measure the success of your event.

Look for trends in engagement, such as which speakers or sessions generated the most tweets.

Use this data to inform future events and social media campaigns.


In conclusion, a Twitter wall is an excellent tool for creating social media engagement and generating buzz around your event.

By following our complete guide, you can create a customized Twitter wall that will help you measure the success of your event and create a lasting impression with attendees.

Remember to use best practices for social media engagement, such as using hashtags effectively and moderating content on your Twitter wall.

With a little planning and effort, your Twitter wall can be a key component of a successful social media campaign.


Q: Can I use a Twitter wall for non-event purposes?

A: Yes, a Twitter wall can be used for any purpose where social media

engagement is desired. For example, you can use a Twitter wall to promote a product launch, a social media campaign, or a cause.

Q: What if inappropriate content appears on my Twitter wall?

A: It’s important to moderate your Twitter wall to ensure that inappropriate content does not appear. Use moderation tools provided by your Twitter wall provider to filter out offensive language or inappropriate tweets.

Q: How do I measure the success of my Twitter wall?

A: Use analytics tools provided by your Twitter wall provider to measure

engagement, such as the number of tweets, retweets, and impressions. You can also look for trends in engagement, such as which speakers or sessions generated the most tweets.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of my Twitter wall?

A: Yes, you can customize the appearance of your Twitter wall to match your brand or event theme. Look for customization options provided by your Twitter wall provider.

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