Effortlessly Display UGC across your website as solid Social Proof !

Discover social media posts from your customers, create engaging web galleries and share your best content where your audience will be!


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Leverage Authentic Experiences and Engaging Visual Content To Skyrocket Conversions with Idukki!


Access Visual Content from your Brand Advocates With Ease​

Idukki’s proprietary algorithm provides the most influential, authentic and engaging content to your marketing team to ensure successful marketing campaigns.

Manage Content Quality, Safety and Compliance to Boost Brand Experience​

With Idukki, you can pin,hide, remove collected UGC with ease. Our proprietary AI auto-blocks any media with profane content to further protect your brand.

Make use of intuitive widget layouts and themes to embed stylish social feeds across your webpages.

Showcase your best UGC across your website & other marketing channels with our No-code platform

Showcase the value to your stakeholders to prove the positive impact on your business KPI’s

Accurately measure the impact of UGC on your business and make informed decisions to generate maximum ROI as well as brand engagement and conversions


Deliver Authentic Visual Content at Scale and Showcase your Community in Action!

01. Tag Products

Seamless Checkout experience

    Optimise customer purchase experience by enabling seamless checkouts from UGC widgets.

    Increase sales and improve on-site conversions by tagging products on your collected UGC

02. Label Products

Efficiently Manage your Digital Assets

    Allows effortless organisation and categorisation of UGC to maximise marketing success.

03. Rights Management

Streamline permissions management workflows

    Protect your brand from any legal hassles and save time with our automated rights tracking features.

    Ensure that your brand is protected with proper compliance whenever you utilize UGC for your marketing campaigns.

Idukki – The Best UGC Platform

Loved by users across the Globe

Integrates Seamlessly With Your Tech Stack

Display your social feed or live shoppable gallery widgets with our no code platform


Spotlight Features to Boost Your Customer Experience and Brand Recall

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Frequently Asked Questions


Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

User-Generated Content (UGC) includes reviews, images, and videos created by your customers. This authentic content boosts trust, enhances engagement, and drives higher conversions for your brand.
Idukki leverages advanced AI technology to scan your brand's hashtags and mentions across social media platforms. It then curates the most relevant and impactful user-generated content, ensuring that only the best content represents your brand.
Idukki's UGC widget boosts SEO by embedding fresh, relevant user-generated content on your website, increasing engagement and dwell time. Additionally, Idukki's algorithm ensures that Google indexes the caption content from all your embedded UGC posts, enhancing your site's visibility and rankings.
Idukki facilitates the use of User-Generated Content (UGC) by employing a Rights Management feature and integrations with social platforms for direct communication with media owners. Its algorithm ensures the auto tracking and providing real-time insights into the status of permissions for UGC.
Absolutely! Integrating the Idukki UGC widget into your current marketing workflows and tech stack is seamless. Our platform effortlessly merges with your existing setup, optimizing your content and conversion strategy for enhanced performance.
Idukki's advanced analytics dashboard is designed to track and analyze the effectiveness of your UGC campaigns. It offers detailed insights into user engagement, conversion rates, and the overall return on investment (ROI) of your content.

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