Leverage the Authenticity of your Customers Visual Content to Elevate your Furniture Brand.

As a proven sales catalyst, UGC elevates your brand’s desirability by showing your furniture products in real life setting

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Enhancing Customer Experience with UGC-Powered Shopping

Reduce Returns

Furniture is a big investment. UGC showcases true dimensions, colors, and how pieces look in real homes, reducing uncertainties and returns

Immersive Room Planner

Help your customers envision your products in different stlyes and settings to show the versatility of designing options available to them

Customer Validation and Trust

Allow your happy customers to be your most compelling salespeople. Their authentic experiences and styling give shoppers the confidence to purchase and validate your product.

Build Aspiration & Credibility for your Brand with Authentic Visual Content from your Customers

Shoppable Galleries

Transform customer photos into shoppable experiences, allowing viewers to click and purchase furniture pieces featured in real-life settings

Powerful Social Proof

Positive UGC fosters transparency, relatability and builds an army of vocal brand advocates promoting your products, creating a massive social proof for your brand

Customer Spotlights

Highlight relatable customer stories, inspirations, and styled spaces through UGC, fostering authenticity and an aspirational brand experience.

Social Validation and Trend Insights

Analyze customer visuals to understand which products resonate most, gather feedback on new designs, and stay ahead of evolving decor trends.

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How We Help Clients All Around The World

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Why Do Furniture Brands Need UGC?

Convert more browsers into buyers by showcasing products in real homes, reducing uncertainties and returns. It cost-effectively generates authentic marketing content that builds trust and turns customers into vocal advocates.

Moderation and Customization

Powerful moderation and customizaton feature to remove spammy content and customize as per your brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Widgets

Our widgets are super fast and also make your pages SEO optimised. Add widgets on home page, product page gallery, and checkout page to provide social proof at all customer touch points.

Performance Analytics

Track vital performance metrics like no. of impressions, sentiments, conversions and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI.

Automatic Rights Management

Streamlines content approvals, ensures safe content usage, and simplifies legalities.

Profanity Filter

Do not worry about inappropriate posts slipping through. Our AI can automatically detect and filter out obscenities, explicit content, and off-brand content before it goes live.


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