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Collect , curate and embed tweets as solid social proof for your business

Step 1.


Aggregate Twitter content feed via Hashtags (#) or Twitter Handle (@)

Step 2.


Choose your widget from industry leading layouts and moderate colors, fonts etc. as per your brand guidelines. You can further moderate posts by hiding unwanted posts and pinning high engaging posts to the top

Step 3.


Publish Idukki’s generated single line of code to your website’s backend and watch your widget ready in action!

Key Features

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24*7 Support

Idukki offers in-person customer support in no time. Our dedicated team ensures that you get up and running quickly. 

No Code Integration

Idukki stands out with its ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of marketing tools and social media platforms. 


Idukki stands out as the ultimate UGC platform designed for every team—from marketing to sales. Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Absolutely! With Idukki's extensive customization features, you have full control over your widget's appearance. Let your creativity shine with custom CSS or easily adjust the card style and other options to make it uniquely yours.
After creating your widget, click the publish button and select your website-building platform, such as HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce. Idukki will automatically generate a single-line embed code tailored to your CMS platform. Simply copy and paste this HTML code into your backend, and you're all set!
You can easily add your Twitter feed to your website using the Idukki's Twitter Widget, which lets you collect feeds from your username, and hashtags for better engagement. Follow these three simple steps to embed the Twitter Widget on your website: 1. Create a free Idukki account. (link to sign up page) 2. Connect your Twitter account to collect feeds. 3. Customize your widget, generate the embed code, and paste it into your website's backend. Your Twitter Feed Widget will be live on your website in no time!
Yes, with Idukki's real-time updates feature, new content is automatically added to your Twitter widget on your website within minutes.
Absolutely! Idukki's Twitter feed widget is lightweight, responsive, and compatible with all CMS platforms, including HTML, WordPress, Wix, BigCommerce, and more.

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