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Provide the Cloest In-Person Experience for your Exquisite Jewellery Products Online with UGC

85% of Customers Turn to UGC over Branded Content to Make Purchases Online 
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Create Direct Impact on Consumer Trust and Engagement

Reduce return and cart abandonment

Customer visuals give shoppers realistic expectations, and a sense of inclusion ultimately reducing the chances of wrong purchases and returns

Consumer validation and product insights

UGC acts at the best form of social proof for your products. It serves as a form of product validation and informs other buyers about the quality and appeal of your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing with High ROI

UGC is a cost-effective marketing tool that provides content created by your customers, saving you time and expenses on professional photoshoots that guarantee no ROI.

Elevate Your Brand’s Presence with UGC

Styling Tips and Inspiration

Showcase stunning customer photos and videos to highlight product quality, styling tips, and attention to detail, resulting in increasing perceived value and desirability.

Know which content is working

Analyze UGC to understand preferences, trends, and gather feedback to inform product development and marketing strategies.

Create a Sense of Rarity

With UGC, you can showcase unique customer stories that reflect the exclusivity of their pieces. By highlighting these rare experiences, you can easily foster a sense of uniqueness and desirability among potential customers.

Elevate your status with Exclusivity

Present your products and their collections in real-world settings with UGC to derive authenticity to the exclusivity. When potential buyers see the jewelry worn by actual customers, it reinforces the product’s appeal and scarcity.

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Why Do Accessories and Jewelry Brands Need UGC?

Showcase your accessories and jewelry through the authentic experiences of your customers with UGC, enhancing trust and relatability. UGC has been effective in turning happy buyers into your most compelling ambassadors

Moderation and Customization

Powerful moderation and customizaton feature to remove spammy content and customize as per your brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Widgets

Our widgets are super fast and also make your pages SEO optimised. Add widgets on home page, product page gallery, and checkout page to provide social proof at all customer touch points.

Performance Analytics

Track vital performance metrics like no. of impressions, sentiments, conversions and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI.

Automatic Rights Management

Streamlines content approvals, ensures safe content usage, and simplifies legalities.

Profanity Filter

Do not worry about inappropriate posts slipping through. Our AI can automatically detect and filter out obscenities, explicit content, and off-brand content before it goes live.


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