Show Potential Students the Experience they can Expect at your Institution!

Leverage your student generated content to showcase their real experiences on campus and beyond!

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Maximise Your Institution’s Impact with Real Life UGC

Cost-Effective Content

Get access to real content from students or staff showcasing their experienced on campus and build real expectations

Leverage for Admissions and Marketing

Utilize testimonials, project highlights, and other UGC in marketing materials to attract prospective students by demonstrating a real student success story.

Social Proof and Enhanced Institutional Reputation

70% of students claim that the University’s social media presence and websites influence their admission decisions.

Key UGC Strategies to Transform Your Educational Institution

Integrate UGC into Curricula

Encourage instructors to incorporate student-generated videos, blogs, and other content into their teaching strategies. This enables peer-to-peer learning and proves to be more beneficial for students.

Increase Community and Collaboration

UGC fosters a sense of community among students, encouraging collaboration and communication, leading to increased constituent advocacy and institutional growth.

Training and Support

Offer workshops and resources for both students and staff to maximize their skills in creating impactful UGC and using it to enhance the learning curve of other students.

Standout From Your Competitors

Utilize genuine and engaging stories from students and faculty to capture the interest of your audience and differentiate from the competition.

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How We Help Clients All Around The World

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Why Do Educational Institutes Need UGC?

According to a 2021 education study, students engaging with peer-generated content exhibit a 30% improvement in assessment performance, highlighting the need for UGC to enhance understanding and retention.

Moderation and Customization

Powerful moderation and customizaton feature to remove spammy content and customize as per your brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Widgets

Our widgets are super fast and also make your pages SEO optimised. Add widgets on home page, product page gallery, and checkout page to provide social proof at all customer touch points.

Performance Analytics

Track vital performance metrics like no. of impressions, sentiments, conversions and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI.

Automatic Rights Management

Streamlines content approvals, ensures safe content usage, and simplifies legalities.

Profanity Filter

Do not worry about inappropriate posts slipping through. Our AI can automatically detect and filter out obscenities, explicit content, and off-brand content before it goes live.


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