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10 ‘X’, FKA ‘Twitter’ Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford To Miss For Your Brand’s Success

With Twitter's transformation into X, the platform is aiming to be a black box of new marketing opportunities for brands.



Small business owners! Remember when Twitter was just about 140-character tweets? Well, times have changed, and so has Twitter—literally. Welcome to the era of ‘X,’ the newly rebranded Twitter, courtesy of Elon Musk. If you’re scratching your head wondering what this means for your business, you’re not alone.

With Twitter’s transformation into X, the platform is aiming to be a black box of new marketing opportunities for brands. It has new changes, and some existing features that you may not know how to fully capitalize on to boost your brand promotions online. 

So, let’s dive into some highly unique Twitter—ahem, X—marketing strategies that you won’t find just anywhere. These aren’t your average tips; these are game-changing tactics designed to elevate your brand in a space that’s more competitive and versatile than ever.

1) Twitter chat takeovers

A Twitter Chat Takeover involves inviting an industry expert or influencer to take control of your Twitter account for a set period, usually an hour. Both you and the guest promote the event beforehand using a specific hashtag. During the takeover, the guest engages with your audience by tweeting, answering questions, and sharing insights, all while using your account.

For example, if your focus is on women’s empowerment, you could invite a gender equality advocate to host an #EqualEverywhere chat on International Women’s Day, discussing challenges and solutions for achieving gender equality.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Boosts engagement and exposes your brand to the guest’s audience, helping you gain new followers and build authority in your niche.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The takeover requires careful planning and a high level of trust in the guest host to ensure they stay on-brand.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Use a UGC platform for real-time engagement. Features like a “social wall” on UGC platforms can aggregate all tweets with your event hashtag. Display this on your website to extend the event’s reach and serve as social proof.

  • Vet your guest thoroughly. Conduct a test chat privately to gauge the guest’s style and expertise. Make sure they align with your brand values before giving them access to your account.

2) Geo-targeted promotions

Geo-Targeted Promotions involve using Twitter’s ad platform to send targeted tweets or ads to users based on their geographic location. You set up a campaign, choose the geographic area you want to target, and your tweets will show up for users in that location. For instance, a small local bookstore could run a geo-targeted promotion using the hashtag #LocalBookLovers, offering a special discount to Twitter users within a 10-mile radius on World Book Day.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Geo-targeting allows you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific area, making your ad spend more efficient and increasing the likelihood of attracting customers who are actually nearby.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The challenge lies in setting the right geographic parameters. Too broad, and you waste money on irrelevant audiences; too narrow, and you might miss potential customers.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Use Twitter analytics to precisely understand where your existing audience is located. This can help you set more accurate geo-targeting parameters.

  • Run A/B Tests for Optimization: Experiment with different radius sizes or neighboring areas to find the sweet spot for your geo-targeted promotions. Monitor the results and adjust accordingly.

3) Real-time customer service hours

Real-Time Customer Service Hours is a strategy where you dedicate specific hours to live customer support on Twitter. During these hours, your team actively monitors tweets, replies to customer queries, and resolves issues in real-time. For example, a small tech company could host #TechTalkThursdays, where they offer real-time tech support and answer customer queries from 2 PM to 4 PM every Thursday.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

This approach humanizes your brand and shows that you’re proactive about customer service, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The main challenge is resource allocation. You’ll need dedicated staff to manage the real-time interactions, and there’s the risk of negative public feedback if issues aren’t resolved promptly.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Prepare a FAQ sheet for common queries. This allows your team to provide quick, consistent answers, enhancing the customer experience.

  • Use a sentiment analysis tool to gauge the mood of the interactions. If you notice a trend in negative sentiment, you can take immediate action to address the underlying issue.

4) Emoji-based polls for product feedback

Emoji-Based Polls are a creative way to gather product feedback on Twitter. You create a poll using emojis that represent different options or sentiments about your product. This makes it easy and engaging for your audience to participate. For example, A small coffee shop could run a poll using the ☕, 🍵, and 🍹 emojis to ask what type of beverage customers would like to see added to the menu next.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Using emojis makes the poll more engaging and relatable, encouraging more participation. This can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and even future product development.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

Interpreting the results can be tricky. Emojis can have different meanings for different people, so you’ll need to ensure the choices are clear and universally understood.

Tips to ace this strategy:

  • Clarify emoji meanings. Alongside the poll, post a tweet that explains what each emoji stands for to avoid any confusion.

  • Follow up with in-depth surveys. If the emoji poll yields interesting results, consider sending out a more detailed survey to gather nuanced feedback.

5) Leveraging Twitter moments for storytelling

Twitter Moments allow you to curate a series of tweets into a single, scrollable story. This is a fantastic way to narrate an event, share customer testimonials, or even showcase a product launch, all in a cohesive and engaging manner.

For instance, a small eco-friendly clothing brand could create a Twitter Moment that follows the journey of a sustainable product from raw material to finished garment, using the hashtag #EcoFashionJourney.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Twitter Moments offer a structured yet dynamic way to tell a story, making it easier for your audience to follow along and engage. It’s storytelling made simple and interactive.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

Creating a compelling Twitter Moment requires a good amount of content planning and curation. You’ll need high-quality tweets, images, or videos that fit together seamlessly to tell your story.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Before creating a Twitter Moment, storyboard the sequence to ensure it flows logically and keeps the audience engaged.

  • Once your Twitter Moment is live, don’t limit it to just Twitter. Share the link on your other social media platforms and even in your email newsletters to maximize reach.

6) Audio tweet teasers for upcoming launches

Audio tweets allow you to share snippets of sound, like a mini-podcast, directly on Twitter. Use this feature to tease upcoming product launches or events by sharing a quick audio message that gives followers a sneak peek of what’s to come. For instance, a small indie game studio could release an audio tweet featuring a snippet of the game’s soundtrack or a brief interview with the developers, teasing an upcoming game launch.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Audio tweets add a personal touch and create a sense of immediacy and intimacy that text or images can’t. It’s a unique way to build anticipation and engage your audience.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The challenge is in creating high-quality audio that’s engaging enough to capture attention in a noisy social media landscape.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Invest in good audio equipment. Even a budget-friendly microphone can drastically improve the audio quality, making your teaser more professional and engaging.

  • Pair with visuals. Use Twitter’s ability to pair audio tweets with images or GIFs to create a more comprehensive teaser that appeals to multiple senses.

7) Twitter fleets for limited-time offers

Twitter Fleets are temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories. Use Fleets to promote limited-time offers, flash sales, or exclusive discounts. The fleeting nature creates a sense of urgency, encouraging immediate action. For instance, a small artisanal soap shop could use Fleets to offer a 20% discount on all lavender soaps, valid only for the day.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Audio tweets add a personal touch and create a sense of immediacy and intimacy that text or images can’t. It’s a unique way to build anticipation and engage your audience.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The challenge is in creating high-quality audio that’s engaging enough to capture attention in a noisy social media landscape.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Use your regular Twitter feed and other social media platforms to direct followers to check out your fleet before it vanishes.

  • Incorporate a digital countdown timer within the Fleet to heighten the sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

8) Hashtag-based scavenger hunts

A Hashtag-Based Scavenger Hunt involves creating a game where followers have to find specific items or complete challenges, sharing their progress on Twitter using a unique hashtag. This not only boosts engagement but also creates user-generated content that promotes your brand. 

For instance, a small travel agency could organize a scavenger hunt using the hashtag #TravelTreasureHunt, where participants have to find and tweet pictures of local landmarks to win a discounted trip.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Scavenger hunts are highly interactive and can go viral, giving your brand significant exposure. They also encourage community building among your followers.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

The logistics can be complex, requiring careful planning and real-time monitoring to ensure the game runs smoothly and fairly.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Implement a real-time leaderboard that updates as participants tweet with the hashtag. This adds a competitive element and keeps engagement high.

  • Instead of just one grand prize, offer smaller prizes for completing individual challenges. This keeps more people engaged throughout the hunt.

9) Threaded "How-To" guides related to your product

A threaded “How-To” guide involves creating a series of connected tweets that walk your audience through a process or set of instructions related to your product. Each tweet serves as a step or tip, and the thread keeps everything neatly organized. For instance, a small business selling gardening supplies could create a threaded guide on how to properly plant and care for succulents, using the hashtag #SucculentSuccess.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

Threaded guides offer real value to your audience, establishing your brand as an authority in your field. They’re also easily shareable, increasing your content’s reach.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

Creating a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide requires careful planning and excellent copywriting skills to fit valuable information into Twitter’s character limits.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Incorporate images, GIFs, or even short videos in your thread to make the guide more engaging and easier to follow.

  • Once the guide is complete, pin it to the top of your Twitter profile. This ensures that it’s the first thing people see when visiting your page, maximizing its visibility.

10) "Caption This" contests with product images

A “Caption This” contest involves posting a product image and asking your followers to come up with a creative or funny caption for it. Followers submit their captions as replies, usually with a specific hashtag, and the best one wins a prize.

Benefit of this strategy ➕

These contests are a fun way to engage your audience and generate buzz around a product. They also produce user-generated content that can be repurposed for future marketing efforts.

Challenge of this strategy ⚠️

Moderating the contest and choosing a winner can be time-consuming. Plus, you’ll need to ensure the contest complies with Twitter’s promotion guidelines.

Tips to ace this strategy

  • Use a contest management tool to manage entries and randomly select a winner, streamlining the process. Most of the UGC tools these days, also provide this functionality.

  • Make sure to clearly outline the rules, the prize, and how the winner will be selected to avoid any confusion or disputes.

Strategize, analyze, but with the right tools

Remember, the key to Twitter success is not just in broadcasting your message but in listening and engaging with your audience. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these strategies. The most effective Twitter marketing approach is often a blend of different tactics.

Keep an eye on analytics. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial for refining your strategy and making the most of your efforts. And before you dive in, consider leveraging a UGC tool.

User-Generated Content can amplify your Twitter marketing by curating authentic testimonials, reviews, or even creative content from your audience. It’s like having a community of brand ambassadors at your fingertips, all contributing to your brand’s narrative in real-time.

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