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Visual Marketing Strategy Guide To Enhance Customer Experience

Visual marketing has been around since our cave days. We painted pictures and told stories back then using earth pigments, dirt, and charcoal.


Visual marketing has been around since our cave days. We painted pictures and told stories back then using earth pigments, dirt, and charcoal. Your brand can now connect with your audience through visual marketing, strengthen your narrative, and drive sales.

But what is visual marketing really, and why is it effective? What are some leading benefits of visual marketing and the best examples from which to draw inspiration?

Let’s get started.

What Is Visual Marketing, and How Can It Be Helpful?

Visual marketing is a strategy for communicating information to your target audience that would otherwise be difficult for them to understand through text by using images, videos, and other multimedia content. 

These are some main advantages of visual marketing:

  1. It improves readability since the human brain processes visual information 13 milliseconds faster than it does text.

  2. It increases customer engagement. For instance, social media posts with images receive more than twice as much attention as those without.

  3. More than 60% of customers are more likely to buy a product that has an image in search results, which helps to boost your brand.

  4. It increases traffic and brand awareness.

  5. Higher marketing performance is delivered.

Explore the benefits of incorporating this strategy into your marketing plans as we delve deeper into the field of visual marketing here.

Visual Marketing Strategies That Work

A visual marketing strategy is a collection of concepts and techniques that use images as a crucial component of your advertising campaign. Here, we outline the top visual content marketing strategies that will be most relevant in 2022’s ecommerce marketing.

1. Let your customers tell the brand’s story

Make people the centre of attention if you want to keep them happy, as the saying goes. So, it is how you interact with your customer. They become the central focus of your brand’s journey.

Let them help you tell your story. On the homepage, product page, dedicated pages, etc., of your eCommerce website, incorporate photographs and videos to share genuine customers’ brand experiences.

By having your customers share their brand-related success stories, you may create a credible brand image.

2. Offer a user-friendly experience

In addition to focusing on the needs of the customer, various factors help to create a successful visual marketing platform. A user-friendly interface for your website is a key component.

The probability that your website visitors will become potential customers is when you incorporate pictures into the content of your

Give your customers a personalized experience at your eCommerce site with photographs and videos to encourage them to purchase again.

3. Mobile responsiveness is a priority

Visual marketing strategies that are mobile-responsive have become a necessity to survive the competition.

Your Visual Commerce platform must be mobile-responsive, as 30% of all purchases are made through mobile devices, and 54% of all visitors come from

Your images must be sufficiently modified to fit various mobile screens. Make the purchasing process simple for your online users. Make sure your visual content is optimized for mobile users in order to make it appropriate and smooth.

4. Create a consumer journey that engages visually

Throughout their buying experience on your Visual Commerce website, be your customers’ friend. Customers may not be entirely sure what they want to buy when they visit your website.

So, use visuals to lead people throughout their buying experience. To gain users’ trust in the first place, display pertinent images of client reviews and testimonials on your homepage.

Later, add top-notch images to additional websites, and further to define the products. It enables your customers to see your products more clearly and choose wisely before making a purchase.

5. Utilize UGC marketing

The most important component of any visual content marketing plan is user-generated content. The ideal method to incorporate a visual marketing plan into your brand promotion strategy is through UGC marketing.

User-generated content, or UGC, is also referred to as earned media and includes things like social media postings, images, videos, customer reviews, comments, etc. These are ones that users have purposefully constructed.

They are the most reliable type of brand marketing as a result. These visually appealing, interesting, and pertinent pieces take your brand promotion to a whole new level.

6. Keeping the brand identity and image in sync

If you use visuals in your marketing strategy without proper consideration and alignment, your visual marketing campaign can suffer a negative outcome.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that people automatically link your brand with the colors, themes, photos, videos, etc. that you’ve marketed, much like you could instantly associate red with Coca-Cola.

It is crucial that you create the visual content intelligently in order to tie it to your brand’s identity and theme. By concentrating on this, you may create a strong brand presence and enable visual brand awareness.

7. Social media and visual marketing

Social media is the most crucial component of visual marketing. Social media must serve as a visual campaign’s nervous system if you want to execute it properly.

Globally, billions of individuals regularly access their social media accounts to view engaging content, especially visual content. This is the reason why the two most used platforms are Instagram and YouTube.

Therefore, it is essential to execute your social visual content on other marketing channels by using a visual marketing platform.

Best Examples of Visual Marketing

1. Wayfair

Wayfair, an American company that sells home products and furniture, is an excellent example of visual marketing.

They display their products using attractive pictures and fascinating videos of well-planned and beautiful home design

Their products are presented in such a polished and eye-catching manner that users are immediately captivated by them.

2. National Geographic

The visual marketing industry is dominated by a television network with over 130 million Instagram followers and 46 million Facebook fans.

They have built an amazing experience with images of many cultures, people, locations, animals, etc., that attracts millions of users and has a wide audience.

With more than 3 million followers, NatGeoYourShot, a profile on which they distribute user-generated visual content, is also highly well-liked by users.

3. Nike

When it comes to using visual marketing, Nike has always been at the top. They always produce sensational video advertisements that catch millions of eyeballs.

The highlight is that while their videos may cover a wide range of topics, everything ultimately comes down to their catchphrase, “Just Do It,” leaving the audience inspired and encouraged.

Benefits of Visual Marketing Strategies

Visual marketing is important for every company that wants to have an online presence regardless of size, whether it is a startup trying to build up or a well-established company that is currently making money from its visual commerce store.

1. Establish a unique brand identity

Every brand is personified by its visual content. The brands can benefit from highlighting their visual content to draw in customers. Customizing your branded content with alluring and engaging visuals has changed how consumers view the offerings of your brand.

The “Swoosh” or “tick” symbol is inextricably linked to Nike and the red Coca-Cola beverage. That’s how visuals represent a brand’s success.

2. Promote the perfect storytelling

Instead of describing the product story in words, visual content marketing will showcase it.

Visuals do elicit emotions and higher engagement; therefore, when used in conjunction with the ideal brand or campaign storyline, they have a powerful influence on customers.

The origins of a product, its practical worth, how it arouses emotions, and how people can connect more readily are all demonstrated through stories or a visual journey.

3. The more you express, the more you connect.

Marketers can make their content more shareable by producing visual content. Customers are strongly attached to and compassionate toward a product by visual content.

Customers find it simple and convenient to communicate through images and videos in today’s digital environment, which makes the task hassle-free.

4. Makes it more realistic and authentic

Users can relate to images and videos shared by others who are similar to them better because of their real-life experiences, levels of happiness, value-based perspectives, and more.

Customers wearing branded products in visual content authenticates the brands and gives them a genuine appearance. It helps a brand in improving credibility and increases its reliability and dependability.

5. Increases conversions and clicks

As user engagement rises, using an appealing visual marketing strategy enhances the likelihood of conversions.

Therefore, if you use visual content in your marketing successfully, it can help you increase your conversion rate and your revenue.

By producing a compelling call-to-action, visual content has a greater ability to increase conversions. As a result, it is a much better method of boosting sales.

Idukki – The Platform for Visual Marketing

Idukki is a fantastic tool that offers a variety of features to help you create your marketing plan and improve your visual commerce business.

You can find a wide range of solutions with our visual marketing platform, including gathering and curating interesting visuals from digital and social media

According to your marketing requirements, you may personalize the visual content by adding themes, designs, elements, CTAs, and more. Then you have the option of moderating to maintain the best visual content and delete useless and unnecessary visual stuff.

The best thing is that you can create Shoppable visual feeds from your visual content and display them on websites, eCommerce platforms, etc. to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions, which is what matters most.

That’s A Wrap

These are some of the best visual marketing strategies that can be used to expand your visual commerce business in 2022. Start including visuals in your marketing plan, and you’ll soon witness the incredible benefits.


Consumers are losing interest in what the brands have to say about themselves. On the other hand, social media content is gaining popularity with each passing day.

It only makes sense that you, as a brand, start leveraging the content your consumers are posting on social media and make it shoppable to generate more sales.

The ease of placing orders via shoppable media is also an advantage for you as well as your customers.

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