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Twitter Aggregator – How It Helps To Boost Website Engagement (2024)

Do you have a strong presence on Twitter? Do you get high engagement on your Twitter posts? Are your customers reviewing your business on Twitter?


Do you have a strong presence on Twitter? Do you get high engagement on your Twitter posts? Are your customers reviewing your business on Twitter? If yes, then you can leverage your Twitter content to get more engagement on your website or product pages. To do so, a Twitter aggregator tool can help.

A Twitter aggregator will help collect content from Twitter and display it on your web pages. While on your website, your visitors will not only see the listed products and services but will also see your presence on social media. It will act as social proof of your business and will help build credibility.

In this article, we have explained what a Twitter aggregator is and how you can benefit if you decide to embed it into your website. We have also listed the five best Twitter aggregators tools available in the market. So, let’s begin –


What is a Twitter aggregator?

A Twitter aggregator is a type of social media aggregator that helps you collect and curate Twitter feeds (also called tweets) using hashtags, mentions, and handles. It can be embedded on the websites and web pages to display the curated Twitter feeds.

Moreover, this curated Twitter feed is fully customizable. You can change the theme or layout to make the whole feed attractive and match it with your branding requirements.

Such tools come in handy especially when you have a strong Twitter presence and want to leverage Twitter feeds about your business. It helps your website visitors understand and trust your business based on the words of your customers.

Best 5 Twitter Aggregator Tools


Idukki, as a Twitter aggregator, helps you collect user-generated content from Twitter as well as other social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. You can collect content through hashtags, mentions, or tags and display this user-generated content on the homepage, product page, or checkout page of the website, and on abandoned cart emails and social

This tool comes with widgets that are super-fast to load and does not disrupt the SEO. You can tag your products in the Twitter feed content to convert visitors into customer. Besides, Idukki offers an auto-sync feature that automatically syncs products from platforms like Google merchant center, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. You can also track campaigns, views, user sentiments, conversion, and more.


Onstipe is a Twitter feed aggregator tool that collects, curates, and displays Twitter hashtag feeds on websites. It helps you use hashtags, handles, and keywords as a source to fetch tweets in real-time. With its moderation feature, you can delete any unwanted tweet before it goes live on your website. You can also automate this process by adding content

This Twitter feed aggregator lets you customize your Twitter feed or design it using your own brand style. To display a Twitter feed on your website, all you need to do is generate an embed code and paste it on your website.


Curator is a social media aggregator that helps collate and display feeds from Twitter as well as from other social media platforms such as Meta, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. All you have to do to display the Twitter feed on your website is connect your Twitter account, customize the feed per your preference, and copy/paste the embed code.

This tool also offers reporting and analytics features that help you understand how many people viewed and interacted with your Twitter feed. This tool lets you set rules to block feeds with bad language, trolls, and anything that doesn’t represent your brand.

Walls is another social media aggregator that helps with the collection of user-generated content from 13+ social media platforms including Twitter and displays it on websites or devices like digital signage. With this tool, you can collect feeds using hashtags, keywords, or specific

You can convert any feed into a lead by adding call-to-action buttons. This tool also gives the customer the option to directly post to the curated Twitter feed. You get the option to manually approve the content or automate the process by adding language and keyword filters, and spam filtering for images and text.


Juicer, as a Twitter aggregator, helps to aggregate, display, and curate Twitter posts from Twitter. It can combine content from 15+ social media platforms into your website. You can collect text posts, images, and hashtags and curate them on your website in the layout and design of your

With this social media aggregator, you can track the performance of your social media content with social media analytics. You also get complete control over the feed, and you can decide which feed will appear on your website and which will not.

Benefits of Twitter Aggregator

  1. Saves resources: Twitter doesn’t offer any official method to embed Twitter feeds on the websites. One option to get this job done is by manually developing a program which can be costly and time-consuming. This is where Twitter aggregators come in. These tools automatically create a Twitter feed that can be embedded into the websites in no time.

  2. Attracts traffic: Twitter aggregator comes with a lot of SEO benefits. It lets your visitors easily access your Twitter feed and see how your brand is performing on social media. Moreover, Google bots index the embedded Twitter wall, giving you a chance to rank for Twitter search engine terms.

  3. Shows social proof: If you use a Twitter hashtag aggregator to collect Tweets from users with specific hashtags, the Twitter feed on your website acts as a review. It will show social proof of your business and will help website visitors trust you based on evidence shared by your existing customers on Twitter.

  4. Keeps content fresh: Instead of manually creating and publishing new content on your website, the Twitter aggregator helps you leverage user-generated content. This content automatically gets renewed on your website from time to time, keeping your website content fresh.


If you are planning to invest in a Twitter aggregator, then thoroughly check the features of the aggregator you are considering. Some vendors also offer free plans that give you the opportunity to test the tool before you invest your money.

But remember, free Twitter aggregators can display ads or retain their own branding. Seeing multiple branding on the website can be confusing for your website visitors. Therefore, do your due diligence and do go for the tool which suits your business the best.

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