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Social Media Wall: How and Why Should You Use Them?

As a social media manager, are you looking for ways to leverage your brand’s or user-generated content on social media? If yes, then your answer is a social media wall.


As a social media manager, are you looking for ways to leverage your brand’s or user-generated content on social media? If yes, then your answer is a social media wall. You can use these walls to display all the engaging user-generated content on your website.

Whether your customers are reviewing you on social media or they are showing how they are using your products, you can put up everything on your wall. You can even showcase your brand’s social media content on these walls to attract more followers.

Of course, these walls are not just a type of showcase for social media content. They have a lot more to offer. They have SEO benefits and can also drive sales. If you are wondering how social walls can do so, then continue reading.

What Is A Social Media Wall?

A social wall, also known as a social media wall, is a form of aggregated feed of social media posts. These social media posts include posts from various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and many more.

The posts displayed on social media walls are pulled using certain hashtags, mentions, or specific accounts. You get complete control over the type of content that gets displayed as you can set rules beforehand to filter the content.

These social media walls can be used to display user-generated content or brand content posted on social media on websites or on digital displays at stores, events, conferences, etc.

How To Use A Social Media Wall?

To make the best out of a social media wall, consider the following

Audience’s need: The first step towards having a successful social wall is to understand what your audience is looking for. Your audience could be looking for reviews from your existing customers, or they may be looking for ways they can use your products. Therefore, understand your audience before deciding what type of content to put on the wall.

Goals of the social wall: Your social wall should have a goal that aligns with your marketing strategy. If your strategy is to increase sales, then the products displayed on the social wall can be linked to the product pages. Or, if you want to increase user engagement, then your wall can have call-to-action buttons or interactive content such as short videos.

Platforms for the content: There are many social media platforms you can pull content from for your social wall. But you do not actually need all of those platforms. Understand the type of content you need and look for the platform that provides that. For instance, if you want to display pictures of your restaurant posted by users, then Instagram would be the ideal platform.

Content on the wall: One of the fears that markers have about using social walls is a lack of control over the content displayed on the wall. The truth is, you have complete control over the type of content that comes up on your wall. You can set rules which would automatically block unwanted or inappropriate content. You can also add hashtags and keywords or choose specific user accounts to filter the content displayed on the wall.

Tool to embed the wall: The tool you choose to embed the social wall on your website or on digital screens at an event is as important as the above factors. The right tool will support the social media channels of your choice, allow you to moderate the content, assist in getting the rights of the posts, and will also provide analytics to understand the performance of the wall. One of the tools that offer all such features is Idukki which you can use to display a social wall anywhere on your website.

What Are The Benefits Of A Social Media Wall?

If you are wondering what’s the point of displaying social media posts on websites and live events is, then look at the following benefits of social

Helps grow the number of followers on social media: Growing social media

followers is one of the main goals of all marketers, which embedding social media walls on a website can help achieve. Your website gets visitors from various sources, and only a fraction of them follow or even know about your social media presence. When you display engaging social media content on your website, you encourage your visitors to check out your social media accounts and follow you.

Builds engagement and organic reach of social media content: By displaying social media content on your website, you’ll inspire your website audience to interact with it. They will like the posts or even share them with their friends on social media. This will increase social media posts’ engagement. Since Instagram’s algorithm is such that it prioritizes posts with higher engagement within the network, you’ll end up getting more and more organic reach.

Increases the time spent on site: Social walls not only help you grow followers and organic reach on social media, but they also help increase the time spent on site by the website visitors. If you display inspiring and engaging content on your wall, your visitors will spend more time on the site consuming that content which, in turn, will increase the time spent on the site. This will eventually improve your SEO and Google search rankings as well.

Provides social proof and drives conversion: User-generated content (UGC) of a brand and its products and services act as social proof of the business. By displaying this UGC content on your website, you’ll help your visitors or potential customers understand your brand and the services you provide better, which will, in turn, drive

What Are Some Common Features Of A Social Wall?

Social media walls commonly have the following set of features:

Social media platforms: Pulls content from multiple social media platforms to create a feed. Some examples of these platforms are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Moderation: This allows you to control the social content being displayed on the social wall. You can set rules and filters to avoid inappropriate content from appearing on your social wall.

Personalization: Permits you to customize the look and feel of the social wall. You can change the colors, layout, and much more to make it match your brand.

Reporting and analytics Enable you to track the performance of the social wall. It generates reports that you can use to analyze the results and work on improvements based on data.

Call-to-action buttons: This gives you the option to add call-to-action buttons to the displayed posts on the social wall to increase engagement.

What are some examples of a social media wall?

Here are some use-cases of a social media wall:

Social media wall for events: Whether it is a conference or trade fair, display a

social media wall and encourage your audience to participate. It will add to their experience of the event. You can also embed a social wall on virtual event platforms to engage the audience and feature event

Social media wall for offices: Display a social wall at offices to entertain your visitors, stay connected with your customers, and spark interaction within the teams. You can also display positive customer feedback on your social wall to motivate your employees.

Social media wall for website: Embed a social media wall on your website to keep your website visitors engaged, which will, in turn, increase the time they spend on your website. It will also act as social proof of your business and help the visitors trust

Social media wall for stores: A social media wall at your store or even on your e-commerce store that displays valuable user-generated content can inspire your visitors. It will also help you reach a wider audience by attracting more


To conclude, a social media wall can do wonders for your business. From keeping the visitors engaged to improving SEO ranking, a social wall only has benefits to offer. However, the tool you choose to embed a social wall on your website or events matters. The tools should support the social media channels of your choice and should offer you a wide range of features so that you can control every aspect of the wall.

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