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Instagram Wall: How And Why Should You Use Them?

Are you looking for ways to jazz up your website? Are your users posting about you on Instagram? Are you looking for new ways to engage your website visitors?


Are you looking for ways to jazz up your website? Are your users posting about you on Instagram? Are you looking for new ways to engage your website visitors? If yes, then Instagram Wall is your solution.

Instagram Wall will make your website attractive and engaging. It will captivate your audience and will also help increase your Instagram following. If you are not sure how all of this is possible, then continue reading to learn more about Instagram feed Walls.

What is Instagram Wall?

An Instagram post Wall is basically a type of social wall or a feed of Instagram posts that you can embed on your website. You have different options for what you can display on this wall:

  1. All of your brand’s recent Instagram content

  2. A selection of Instagram posts, reels, video

  3. User-generated content (UGC) on Instagram

Instagram feed Walls will automatically pull content from Instagram based on specific hashtags or accounts you’ll select and will generate a wall for you to display on your website.

However, in order to do so, you’ll need a social media aggregator that will help you generate the wall and automatically sync the content on your website.

One such social media aggregator is Idukki which will collect user-generated content from Instagram using hashtags, mentions, or tags and will automatically curate a customizable Wall for you.

How to use an Instagram Wall?

You have many options where you can display your Instagram Wall. These include:

Instagram feed wall for web pages

You can display your Instagram social media Wall anywhere on your website. You can display it on the home page, product pages, or even on the checkout page of your website. It will help keep your website visitors engaged and will amplify the performance of the website with more and more time spent on the site by

Instagram wall for virtual and hybrid events

You can integrate it into your virtual, hybrid, and live streaming events to make them even more engaging. You can make your wall interactive and impressive for your event attendees by showcasing real-time posts of the event, user-generated content, or hashtag campaigns.

Instagram wall for any digital screen

Jumbotron, projector screens, TV screens, or mobile phones – it can be displayed on any of these screens. Such screens can be put up during offline events or in the offices to keep the event audience and employees at the office engaged and motivated by displaying user-generated

Instagram feed for online store

You can even put up an Instagram post Wall on your online or eCommerce store. You can display the posts wherein your customers or users are using your product and then link those products to their respective product pages to make the wall interactive. It will also help you increase your conversion

What are the benefits of the Instagram feed wall?

An Instagram feed wall can benefit you in the following ways:

Gives access to engaging content

Instagram is known for its engaging content. Users are not just using it to showcase their personal life events; they are using it to share the experiences that they have with brands. They even share the ways they use certain products. And they are doing so in an entertaining and engaging manner. By putting up an Instagram Wall, you get the chance to leverage this content to keep your audience

Builds trust and credibility with UGC

Trust and credibility are of extreme importance for any business or brand, and putting up digital screens at events and stores is one of the popular marketing tactics to build this trust. By displaying UGC or hashtag campaigns on these walls, you give your visitors a reason to trust you. They also get a chance to see what your existing customers are posting about

Entertains the audience during offline events

Marketers and event managers struggle to find new ways of making their events engaging and collaborative. Whatever techniques they use are effective only to a certain extent. However, by leveraging Instagram content via digital screens, they get a chance to create buzz on Instagram as well as in the event by showcasing real-time posts and encouraging more and more event attendees to post about the event on Instagram.

Boosts Instagram reach

When you display Instagram content on your website or at an event, you not only tell your audience what your users are posting about you. You also tell them about your Instagram presence. If they find your content interesting and something they can relate to, they will end up following you on Instagram, thereby helping you gain more audience and increase your Instagram reach.

Increases SEO ranking

One of the many factors that Google looks at for its search engine result pages (SERP) is the time spent on the site. When website visitors spend a lot of time on a website, it sends Google a signal saying that that particular page has relevant content that users are finding useful, and thus, Google ranks it higher.

By integrating engaging Instagram content on your website, you give your website visitors something to engage with. When they spend a lot of time interacting with that content, it increases the time spent on the site, which in turn increases the SEO ranking.

What are the common features of the Instagram Wall?

Most Instagram Walls have the following set of common features to offer:

Responsive theme: Allows you to display your wall on any screen and device of any size, such as a webpage, projector screens, and mobile phones, without any change in the quality of the visuals.

Content moderation: This gives you the right to filter and block inappropriate content based on predefined rules that will help exclude posts with certain words, tags, and images.

Real-time content update: Keeps the UGC wall updated and features real-time Instagram posts on the wall to keep the content fresh.

Wall design templates: Offers Wall templates of various styles and categories for you to choose from and customize them as per your branding guidelines.

Instagram Wall analytics: Analyzes the performance of the wall – viewer count, clicks, follows, etc. and generates reports for your easy access.

What are some examples of the Instagram Wall?

Instagram Wall can be used in many different ways, and here are some examples of them:

Classic Wall: The most common type of Instagram wall wherein you can display user-generated content to show off your existing customers’ views on your products and services.

Hashtag Wall: This type of Instagram Wall allows you to pull Instagram content using certain hashtags. It is the most beneficial to use if you are running a hashtag campaign and want to showcase posts of that particular hashtag.

Celebrity Wall: If you are lucky enough to have celebrity customers, then you can use this type to showcase celebrity content relevant to your business.

Contest Wall: This type of wall is useful in increasing engagement, and it allows you to run contests wherein you can have your customers create posts about your products based on contest rules.


Since Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms, it only makes sense to leverage the content that your customers are generating on it about your brand. Those posts created by your users act as social proof of your business. When you showcase such posts on your website in the form of an Instagram Wall, you give your website visitors a reason to trust you. As these walls can be responsive, you also get more engagement and increase your conversion rate.

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