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Short-form video content is ruling the content industry at this moment. Even YouTube came up with its own version - YouTube Shorts. People are increasingly using this format to review products and services.


Short-form video content is ruling the content industry at this moment. Even YouTube came up with its own version – YouTube Shorts. People are increasingly using this format to review products and services. If your customers are doing it too, then why not display this content on your website?

By displaying these user-generated YouTube Shorts on your website, you will give your website visitors a reason to stop on your web pages and engage with them. The visitors will also get to know your business better through those videos.

If you are not sure how you can embed YouTube Shorts on website, then we have done some research and have listed some of the top tools that can help you. But first, let’s clarify some basics –

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical YouTube videos with a 60 seconds maximum duration. These videos are shot from a phone, hence the vertical format, and can also be edited and uploaded to YouTube via phone itself. Once uploaded, these videos don’t disappear and stay on

You can tweak the settings of these videos – speed up or slow down the footage, add filters, add music, add captions or attach another video/s.

Viewers of YouTube Shorts have the option to like, and comment on the video or share it with their connections. They can also subscribe to the channel from which the video was posted.

What are the benefits of embedding YouTube Shorts on a website?

This is how embedding YouTube Shorts on your website will help you:

1. Increases the time visitors spent on the page:

Video content is one of the best ways to engage visitors and it has emerged as a popular content marketing tool over the years. By embedding YouTube videos and YouTube shorts on your website, there’s a higher chance that your visitors will stay on your web pages for a longer duration of time and will engage with the displayed content.

2. Acts as a convenient way to deliver information:

You can use the videos for product demos, or to summarize a large piece of text content into videos. It will help you put your point across easily and chances are, the visitors who do not have time to go through huge blocks of text will watch the videos as it will help them save time as well as get informed.

3. Helps in ranking higher on Google search result pages:

Good quality video content is one of the many ways to rank higher on Google search result pages. Therefore, when you embed SEO optimized YouTube videos of your website or webpages, you increase your chances of ranking higher.

4. Helps grow subscribers and views:

Displaying YouTube videos on the website, not only improves the engagement of web pages but it also helps increase the engagement of videos and YouTube channels. Your visitors get introduced to your YouTube channel, they watch the videos, and maybe share them with their networks. As a result, views of the videos and subscribers of the YouTube channel go up.

5 best tools to embed YouTube Shorts on a website

Here are the five best tools that you can use to embed YouTube Shorts on website:


User-generated content (UGC) platform, Idukki, helps you collect and embed Youtube shorts on website. It supports Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and many more platforms as a source of collecting user-generated content. You can display the curated content on the home page, product page, and checkout page of your website in the form of a social wall. You can also display this content in your abandoned cart emails and social ads.


As Idukki allows you to source content from YouTube, you can display YouTube videos and YouTube shorts on your website using a hashtag, or the name of a specific channel. It has a moderation and customization feature that can help you block spammy content and design the social wall as per your brand. You can also tag your products on the cards and make them a source of sales.


Here are the steps you can follow, given below:


1. Log in to your Idukki account or create a new account if you don’t have

2. Choose YouTube as the source and select a channel, a playlist or hashtags to fetch shorts. Learn

3. Edit your collection by hiding or pinning shorts, tagging products, and getting approval from users. Learn more.

4. Now, click Publish to either directly proceed to the publishing window, or select Curate my feed to customize your collection by changing its appearance and layout. Learn

5. After curating, click Publish to copy the HTML code from the publishing window. You can also preview your collection before embedding it on your

Hurray! you have successfully added YouTube shorts to your website.

Embed Social

Embed Social is a user-generated content platform that helps you generate social media feeds, reviews, stories, photos, or videos and embed them on any website. It comes with 50+ pre-built templates that you can use for your reviews, stories, forms, or feed widgets. These templates are mobile responsive, ADA compliant, and customizable.

You can also use this tool to generate YouTube channel videos and embed YouTube widgets on your website. You can pull YouTube videos from a specific playlist, hashtag, or channel. You can also make your YouTube feed shoppable by adding “buy” buttons. is a social media aggregator tool that helps you collect and display any social media feed on a website. It has a three-step installation process – connect social media accounts, customize the feed, and copy and paste the embed code. Its reporting and analytics feature helps you see how many people viewed and interacted with your social media feed.

Since supports YouTube as a source of social media feeds, you can pull videos from YouTube to display them on your website. The curated feed is customizable, meaning that you can re-brand them as per your branding guidelines.


Social media aggregator, Onstipe, collects, curates, and displays social media feeds on a website and digital screens. It pulls social media posts from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and aggregates the collected posts to build a social wall.

Since Onstipe also acts as a YouTube aggregator, you can fetch and aggregate YouTube videos from specific channels, playlists, or by using a hashtag. You can enable moderation and exclude videos that you don’t want to appear on your social wall. Additionally, you can update the theme of the wall, and edit colors and card style. is a social walls solution that helps you aggregate social media content from 13+ social media platforms including YouTube. With this tool, you can allow your visitors to upload content directly onto the curated social wall. It is a cookie-less social wall solution compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Since this tool can pull content from YouTube as well, you can use it to display your brand’s YouTube videos on your website. It can also help you automatically pull videos using keywords, hashtags, or names of specific channels or playlists. updates the curated social wall in real-time, meaning that if a new video is uploaded on YouTube, it will automatically update the social wall on your website as well.


To conclude, embedding YouTube Shorts on your website is a great way to make your web pages engaging. But choosing one tool can be a difficult task. We suggest that you thoroughly go through the offered features and pricing plans and select the one that fits your needs the best without going over the budget.

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