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Embed Google Reviews On Website (2024)

From buying a pair of shoes to buying a mobile phone, it’s rare that customers will make a purchase without first checking out the reviews.


From buying a pair of shoes to buying a mobile phone, it’s rare that customers will make a purchase without first checking out the reviews. Reviews help them understand the product and its pros and cons.

These reviews help them understand how the existing customer feels about the product. And these reviews help them make a confident purchase decision.

So, as a marketer, why don’t you leverage these reviews and help your website visitors understand your products? You can embed them on your website and display what your existing customers are saying about you.

Since Google is the most common review site, in this article, we will talk about how you can embed Google reviews on website.

Why Embed Google Reviews On Your Website?

If you are still thinking about why you should embed Google reviews of your website, then here are some benefits that you will get from doing so:

Encourages Purchase:

This ought to be the most obvious benefit of embedding Google reviews on any website. Reviews encourage website visitors to purchase from you as these reviews act similarly to product recommendations from friends and family.

Without leaving your page, visitors get to learn about the product and how others are benefiting from them. This puts the visitors in a place where they can confidently make a purchase from you.

Provides Social Proof:

Social proof, being a psychological phenomenon, helps the customer form opinions and make decisions. Google reviews from verified buyers act as the biggest social proof of the business and the product.

These reviews influence the buying decision and the behavior of the visitors. They give the visitors the confidence that they are making the right call based on the feedback of the current audience.

Refresh Website Content

Websites with regularly updated content have an SEO advantage over websites with old content. Fresh content helps boost local search rankings.

Embedding Google reviews on the website are one of the simplest ways to add new content with minimal effort.

Since new reviews keep coming in, the content on the website also keeps changing, keeping the website fresh at all times.

Strengthens Customer-brand Relationship:

Embedding Google reviews on your website makes the reviewer – your customer – feel heard and valued. Seeing their names on a website encourages them to stay associated with you, thereby strengthening the customer-brand relationship.

This, in turn, not only motivates others to leave to review but also increases the chances that customers will share their feedback via other methods, such as surveys.

Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews on Website


Idukki helps you generate and showcase authentic customer reviews on your website. It collects reviews from various channels, including Google and generates a smart widget that can be embedded on a website. It also offers multiple templates that you can customize and use to display your reviews.

Its moderation feature allows you to remove spammy content. It also has a smart prompt feature that assists the customers in writing reviews by suggesting the words they should use in their reviews.

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Cloutly is a reputation and review management platform that offers review widgets as one of its many features. This widget pulls the reviews posted on more than 40 reviews websites, such as Google and allows you to embed them on your website. From carousels and pop-ins, it offers various layout options.

Cloutly review widgets work across any web environment and CMS – WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Neto, etc. Moreover, this tool can be used to get more reviews from customers. You can use this tool to collect video reviews and testimonials.

Embed social

Embedsocial is a UGC platform that helps you collect user-generated content from various platforms, including Google. It allows you to generate, manage, and display existing Google reviews on your website. You can also use this tool to get more reviews from customers by asking them via SMS, forms widgets, or Email.

Embedsocial’s widget customization options allow you to change colours, and layouts, ordering of reviews, and remove or show parts of widgets such as dates and logos. The widget is mobile-responsive, meaning that it will fit any device size. This tool offers various templates that you can choose from for your widget style.


Elfsight helps increase visitor engagement, boost sales, and collect more leads by generating various types of website embeddable widgets. This tool can be used to generate a Google reviews widget that can be easily embedded on a website. Its auto-updating feature will automatically update the reviews on the website as soon as a new review has been published on Google.

The tool filters the reviews displayed on the website by allowing you to feed certain keywords. You can also filter the number of reviews displayed. This tool not only demonstrates existing Google reviews but also allows you to add a call-to-action button to encourage visitors to leave reviews.

What Are The Common Features Of The Google Reviews Widget?

Google reviews widget offers the following common features:

Filters: Allows you to show reviews with or without text or reviews with minimal rating. You can also hide certain reviews manually or automatically by feeding certain keywords.

Review sorting: Permits you to set a sorting order, such as the most recent review on the top, or opt for random sorting.

Layout: Gives you the option to choose from various layout options, including list, grid, carousel, etc. Also allows you to change the number of reviews displayed in a certain style.

Design: Enables you to customize the widget’s colors, theme, fonts, button sizes, outline, etc.

Integration: Displays the Google reviews by simply entering Google Place ID from Google My Business.


It is a good idea to leverage Google reviews as they only have benefits to offer. Explore the tools that help embed Google reviews on the website and select the one that suits your needs the best.

One piece of advice from our side would be to go for a tool that not only pulls content from Google but also supports various other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

You never know when the need for this feature will come up, so it is better to stay prepared.

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