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Different Ways To Embed TikTok Videos On Website

When TikTok debuted as in 2016, it disregarded all of these variables and introduced the phenomena of 15- to 3-minute-long short videos that dominated social media like never before.


There was a time when content producers spent enormous amounts of time and money on video content ideation, costly recording equipment, and other methods to make high-quality videos to captivate their audience.

When TikTok debuted as in 2016, it disregarded all of these variables and introduced the phenomena of 15- to 3-minute-long short videos that dominated social media like never before.

With just a smartphone and the TikTok app, you can become a renowned content producer overnight, thanks to the program’s extensive song library, editing features, and transition effects.

Tiktok Video: A Glance

TikTok is an application for viewing and sharing short videos. Almost everyone is aware of the popularity of TikTok among Generation Z; the app delivers fascinating material for everyone, including millennials and baby boomers.

In a world where younger customers distrust advertisements, TikTok videos may be a fantastic approach to provide social proof and user-generated content on your website, demonstrating to visitors how people interact with your company.

Also, including TikTok videos on your website promotes you as a cutting-edge, trend-conscious business.

Methods To Embed TikTok Videos

Using a social media aggregator will make it simple for you to integrate your TikTok feed into any website. It only takes a few minutes to design and embed. Let’s see how!

The platform offers two choices:

1. Manually input links from TikTok videos and create TikTok feed widgets.

2. Link a TikTok account, and retrieve all videos from that account automatically.

Embed TikTok videos automatically( using a social media aggregator)

The ideal option for you is a social media aggregator if you want a hands-free, simple approach to adding your TikTok videos that automatically bring in your new videos.

By linking your social media aggregator to TikTok, you may automatically allow videos to be added to your website or manually approve which ones you wish to be there.

Social Media Aggregator Tools To Embed TikTok Videos


Idukki enables you to make the most of the material your consumers have produced. It gathers user-generated content (UGC) from social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

This application also aids in obtaining permission from clients to use their content for other purposes. The website front page, product pages, checkout pages, abandoned cart emails, and social marketing can include the curated wall.

It retrieves material using hashtags, mentions, and tags and helps secure users’ consent to repurpose their postings. You can use this tool to analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.


The Curator gathers chosen posts from several social network accounts to present them in a single, customizable, and embeddable-anywhere feed.

It enables you to directly incorporate the stream as Javascript, HTML, and CSS wherever you wish on your website.

Hence, this implies that you control entirely how the stream will appear and look—enabling you to brand it with the aesthetic of your website.

A social media stream that smoothly integrates into your website is the result.


You can quickly put lovely widgets on your website using EmbedSocial without having any technical knowledge.

It offers formal API connections to all significant social media platforms and content-creation tools that link users’ user-generated content to their websites.

With just one click, you can display your Facebook posts, mentions, videos, and hashtag feed from any social network on your website, thanks to the comprehensive WordPress plugin EmbedFeed.


You can quickly curate and keep an eye on the aggregated feeds you want to show on the website using Tagembed’s moderation panel.

Utilizing our finest social media aggregator tool, the tool compiles proper social feeds from all social platforms into a widget using hashtags, handle, page, profile, mention, list, etc., to display on the website.

You can boost engagement and conversions with hashtag walls, hybrid or virtual event social walls, social media displays, brand social media hubs, staff engagement, and boards.

You may gather and display the most significant articles, pictures, or videos from the most well-liked social networks and other sources with the social aggregator program.

Option 2: Embed TikTok videos manually

How do you embed a native TikTok video on your website?

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the TikTok app from the relevant app store.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on your web browser or go to

Step 2: Launch the video you want to embed (or copy-paste an URL from the video)

Step 3: Click the ‘Get embed code’ option in the corner of the video display card containing the sharing buttons.

Step 4: Select the ‘Copy code’ button to copy the HTML code to your clipboard

Step 5: On your website, open the page where you want to embed the video

Use the HTML Gutenberg block or the Code editor to put the embed code on WordPress websites.

Step 6: Paste the code and select ‘Preview’ to ensure the video is shown appropriately.

Step 7: Click ‘OK ‘, ‘Update’ or ‘Save’ (depending on the CMS)

Step 8: Enjoy your embedded TikTok video!

Once you place the video on your website, it will be shown with attributions such as video creator, video description, and original sound. Additionally, it will connect back to the same video inside the TikTok app.

Please note that if a video is deleted from the TikTok app, the embedded version on a website will also be removed.

You can embed any TikTok video in beautiful web widgets. This implies that account access is not required, but the video URLs must be added manually.

Benefits of embedding TikTok videos

Users can improve the impact of the videos by adding engaging components like music, filters, backdrops, etc., by embedding TikTok videos.

To increase conversions and maximize profitability, marketers have started integrating TikTok Video into various marketing touchpoints, including websites.

Why be concerned about embedding?

You first need to know that there are other ways to share your movies than embedding your TikTok feed. You can use those downloaded videos on your website to make them appear as native videos by removing the TikTok watermark from your content.

Additionally, you might distribute them using your preferred local social networking sites.

It is important to note that there is nothing to be concerned about when using content embeds to build an exciting area of your website. Instead, it will give you the following advantages:

1. Make your webpage more interactive and fresh

The benefit of TikTok video embedding is that you can stop worrying about the content of your website. It keeps your website updated and optimized, so visitors always find something new.

Visitors to your website will enjoy the perfect vibrancy and buoyancy from TikTok’s images.

2. User Experience and SEO

Adding videos to your website may enhance the time visitors spend on your site, decrease your bounce rate, and raise your click-through rate.

Think about getting your website’s SEO boosted when you upload videos. It would lengthen visitors’ stays on your website, improve click-through rates, and decrease bounce rates.

3. Content Generated by Users

User-generated content is gold for marketing. Consumers are increasingly giving blatant advertisements the side-eye out of mistrust. You may utilize your website’s TikTok videos with user-generated content as social proof.

4. Enhance the engagement rate of your website

TikTok videos immediately capture the attention of viewers that visit your website. Hence, they stay longer on your website and keep coming back to interact more, increasing the dwell time and engagement rate like never before.


Although TikTok is growing increasingly appealing to consumers, it is still unknown ground from a marketing perspective. We hope this article helps you discover the unrecognized benefits of embedding TikTok videos on the website

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