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5 Tools To Embed Instagram Stories On A Website

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. It’s addictive, and it won’t be wrong to say that almost everyone is putting up their life experiences on it.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. It’s addictive, and it won’t be wrong to say that almost everyone is putting up their life experiences on it. These life experiences are not limited to users’ personal moments but also include their experiences with brands and their products and services.

Users post on Instagram about the products they like. They talk about the brands they appreciate. They even urge their followers to trust their opinions. All of these posts are called user-generated content (UGC), which brands like you can leverage. All you have to do is collect these posts and put them up on your

However simple the process of leveraging UGC, you need some tools to do the job. The market is loaded with software solutions that can help you embed Instagram Stories on your website, but how do you know which software to trust?

To help you out, in this article, we have listed 5 top tools that can help you embed Instagram Stories on website. But first, let’s look at some basics —

What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is an in-app Instagram feature that allows the users, such as you, to share photos and videos that are available just for 24 hours. Once the 24-hour duration is over, the shared photos and videos automatically

Instagram Stories don’t appear on the feed but on the top of the homepage with a colorful ring around the profile picture that the followers can tap to view the Story. You can share multiple photos and videos and add filters to them, draw on them, add text over them, or insert elements such as music, stickers, polls, and much more.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Stories Into A Website?

Embedding Instagram Stories on the website has the following benefits

  • Increases brand awareness: Instagram Stories on a website act as a window to your Instagram account. Your visitors will know that you have an active Instagram account, and they will see the type of content you post there. If they find that interesting, they may also follow you on Instagram, thereby increasing the reach of your Instagram
  • Saves Instagram stories: Unlike Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories get automatically deleted after a 24-hour duration, and then there’s no way to bring the content back. However, embedding these stories on a website acts as a way to save them. Even if the Stories are gone from your Instagram profile, they will still be visible on your website and you’ll continue to benefit from Stories’ engaging content.

  • Builds social proof with UGC: Website visitors trust what your existing customers have to say about you more than they will ever trust what you say about yourself. Displaying user-generated Instagram Stories about you or your products on your website will help build that trust amongst your website visitors.

  • Increases user engagement: Instagram Stories are not just a way to help your website visitors reach your Instagram account or see what other people say about you. These Stories can help your visitors reach and explore your products and interact more with your website. You can tag the displayed products and link them to your online store to build a path for your visitors to reach your products.

Makes the website vibrant: Instagram posts on the website add colour and vibrancy to the web pages. They add various elements and show customer experiences, brand journeys, brand messages, and social acceptance of the brand. All of this makes the website even more attractive and engaging.

Tools To Embed Instagram Stories To A Website?


Idukki is a user-generated content platform that helps collect and embed Instagram stories on the website. It also helps to collect content from more than 15 platforms. This tool can collect content using hashtags, mentions, and tags. It also has rights management capabilities that can assist you in getting the rights of the posts from their

The feed curated by Idukki can be displayed anywhere on the website. Some possible locations are the home page, product page, and checkout page. The feed can also be displayed on abandoned cart emails and social ads. You have the option to tag the products showcased in the posts. You can also track the performance of the feed, views on the feed, user sentiment, conversion, and more.


Juicer’s social media aggregator helps you curate social media content in one place. You can use this tool to curate images, posts, and hashtags from 15+ social networking sites, including Instagram.

The curated content can then be embedded or displayed on your website. These displayed Instagram stories are customizable so that you can make them match your brand.

This tool comes with an Instagram feed moderation feature. This feature lets you review each post manually so that only the approved posts are displayed on the feed. You can even set rules and filters to automate the process. Some examples of posts that you can filter are profanity, duplicate posts, and inappropriate content.


Curator is a social media aggregator that helps collect and display social media feeds on any website. It pulls selected posts across multiple social media accounts and displays them in the form of a feed which can be customized and embedded on websites.

This tool can be used to pull content from Instagram along with various other social media platforms.

It has a three-step installation process: Connect your Instagram account, customize the feed, and copy and paste the embed code. It has analytics and reporting capabilities that can help you see how many people have seen and interacted with your curated feed.


The social media aggregator platform, Tagembed, helps you create and publish Instagram stories on your website.

You can use this tool to collect, moderate, and display Instagram Stories content on your website in the form of a social widget.

You can also convert your social media feed and user-generated content into a shoppable social feed by tagging the products and linking them with your eCommerce site or online store.

You can even use this social media aggregator to collect content generated from your hashtag campaign. This tool can also curate content from other social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

Embed Social

Embed Social is a user-generated content platform that helps generate social media feeds, reviews, stories, and photos and embeds them on any website.

This tool helps you display Instagram Stories widgets on your website. It automatically syncs updates every time you add a photo to your Instagram Story.

You can tag products, add call-to-action buttons and buy links to Instagram Stories and allow your website visitors to interact and directly purchase the products showcased in the Story.

This tool also gives you full flexibility in managing the display and looks of the Instagram Stories on your website. You can customize attributes such as sorting and autoplay. The widgets created by this tool are mobile-friendly. 


Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to leverage user-generated content. That is why you need to be careful while selecting tools to embed Instagram Stories on your website.

Most of the tools offer different pricing plans that include different features. Before investing, thoroughly check all the plans and find the one that best fulfils your needs.

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