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10 Top Performing UGC Platforms of 2024

Today’s generation is posting everything on social media. Rainy day – there’s a snap on Snapchat; exploring a new cafe – there’s a story on Instagram


Today’s generation is posting everything on social media. Rainy day – there’s a snap on Snapchat; exploring a new cafe – there’s a story on Instagram; a new piece of clothing – there’s a review on Facebook. You get the idea!

This content of brands that the customers are generating can be extremely beneficial to you. These images and review posts are after all talking about the products that brands like you are producing. Without having to spend any money, you have images and videos talking about your products. All you need to do is just get the rights to reuse them and display them on your website.

To do so, you can use the UGC platform. UGC software or user-generated content platforms help you collect these posts from various social media channels, obtain rights, and display them on your marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 Best UGC tools that you can use.

What is UGC?

User generated content (UGC) is any piece of content that is created by customers and posted on any social media platform. This type of content can include images, videos, blogs, reviews, a testimonial, or even a podcast.

Some of the social media channels that UGC is posted on are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. It can also be said that the UGC is any content that is not produced by the brand itself.

What are the benefits of a UGC platform?

UGC platform has the following benefits to offer:

Builds authenticity: Since the buyers are now more than ever selective about the brands they interact with, having user generated content helps gain attention. It acts as modern-day word of mouth and helps build authenticity.

Grows community: UGC gives customers an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the brand’s success. It also acts as a conversation channel between the brand and consumer and helps build an engaged community. Sharing the customer’s content also strengthens the audience-business relationship.

Acts as a trust signal: Consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by the brands. Consumers trust UGC the same way they trust the opinions of their friends and family. Therefore, leveraging UGC can help brands build trust as it acts as a form of personal recommendation.

Increases conversion: UGC has great influential powers, especially in the final stages of the

buyer’s journey where the brand is trying to convince its audience to make a transaction. Therefore, embedding UGC on checkout pages, for example, presents social proof that the product is worthy.

Which are the top UGC platforms?



Idukki is a UGC platform that lets you leverage content created by your customers. It collects content from various social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It uses hashtags, mentions, and tags to collect the content.


Its rights management option helps you obtain the legal rights of the content created by the customers so that you can repurpose that without any

The collected content is then curated and displayed in the form of a feed on the home page, product page, checkout page, abandoned cart emails, and social ads. With Idukki’s moderation feature you can remove spammy content.

You have the liberty to customize your feed to match your brand. The displayed products can be made shoppable and linked to their respective product pages. You can also track campaign performance, views, user sentiments, conversion, and more to optimize your campaign and maximize ROI.

Trend. io is also the best UGC tool. It has a curated group of content creators who can fulfil your video and photo needs. The creators can also help you generate web, email, ad, and promotional content. All of the generated content is fully licensed so it is ready for any channel. Once you publish your content needs, the creators pitch you, so you get to pick the creators you want to work with.

This tool empowers you to control the narrative. It lets you create the conversations via creators which lead to other consumers and product users mentioning your brand and generating content. This tool lets you stay in touch with the creators via messaging and enable you to generate the exact amount of content you need and pay just for that.


Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that enables you to showcase customer photos and videos in the form of galleries across your website. You can display these UGC galleries on the homepage, category pages, product pages, or checkout pages.

You can tag customers’ Instagram photos to showcase them on your visual galleries or request and secure rights to customer content. You can also capture photos within your review request emails or encourage your customers to submit photos directly on site along with reviews.

You can customize the galleries to match your brand and even create UGC galleries for each product, line, or the collection and display them anywhere on your website. With its analytics feature, you can understand where your best-performing photos are coming from and how they affect you.


The UGC platform Tintup helps you store, organize, search, customize, edit, and repurpose owned and earned content. It collects photos and videos from social media and builds a library of user-generated content for you to customize and repurpose.

It assists you in obtaining legal rights to use images. Its artificial intelligence search feature scans the UGC library and recommends high-performing content. Its object recognition technology automatically finds and tags

This tool allows you to customize assets to match your brand. With its image editor, you can crop, resize, enhance colors, apply filters, add text, stickers, and more to the images. It also lets you create dynamic content including GIFs, Instagram stories, and more.

To publish UGC, you can just copy embed links to publish directly on the website. This tool can be integrated with tools such as Slack, Dropbox, and Facebook.


Olapic is a user generated content and content marketing platform. It makes it easy to display customer and brand photos, videos, and influencer content across all marketing channels.

It collects content via hashtags, mentions, tagged images, and influencers and curates it while ensuring quality using human moderation and AI technology. You can request and secure rights to visual

You can then publish the collected visual content across all your marketing channels. The tool’s analyzing features help you understand how your images, videos, and people are performing and comprehend engagement metrics and generated revenue. This tool is suitable for apparel, travel, beauty, retail, home, and auto industries.


The shopper engagement platform Bazaarvoice helps you collect, display and distribute user generated content. It collects visual content from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and more and displays them in the form of customizable and shoppable carousels and gallery

You can integrate images and videos from influencers, customers, partners, and your own accounts throughout your website.

The tool automatically determines a user’s location and serves them with localized product information. Its lazy loading feature optimizes the UGC product galleries and only displays it when it’s ready to be used which helps in reducing the overall page weight.

Its bulk request workflow lets you send permission requests to feature others’ images and videos on your site.


The visual user-generated content tool Stackla helps you discover, curate and display user generated content on your websites, emails, social media, ads, and more. This tool sources content from 25+ social networking sites some of them being Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

You can use hashtags, keywords, geo location page, profile, direct upload, and much more to aggregate

This tool’s visual recognition technology automatically identifies and auto-tags over 11,000 objects, scenes, events, emotions, and brands in UGC visuals. It is powered by artificial intelligence which helps moderate the content for you. You can also send media requests to turn earned media into owned assets.


Pixlee is a social user generated content, rating and reviews, and influencer marketing platform. It helps you discover user generated content on top social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. It also lets you source ratings and reviews from shoppers and build a community with community Q&A, check-out comments, and site reviews.

You can also discover top-performing influencers in your community and identify the best creators for your

Its visual search, smart tagging, and AI recommendation engine features let you access top-performing content quickly. Its influencer CRM, link tracking, and campaign tools let you manage influencer content and results.

You can publish this UGC content on your eCommerce channels and also localize and personalize this content with translation and smart tagging.


The user generated content platform Photoslurp allows you to integrate user generated content such as photos and videos into the eCommerce store. This UGC acts as a social proof that drives conversion and engagement.

This tool automatically collects and curates user generated content from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

You also have the option to make all the content shoppable as this tool features image recognition algorithms. It automatically recognizes products from your catalog in your customer’s photos and creates a link. This tool also lets you request media rights from content authors.

It has an analytics site that you can use to understand the impact of your UGC campaigns such as conversion rate, interaction rate, and revenue generated through UGC.

Influencer Hero

Influencer Hero is designed to streamline every aspect of influencer partnerships, our comprehensive software covers discovery, outreach, CRM, gifting, affiliate marketing, UGC collection and reporting, ensuring your campaigns are as impactful as possible. From pinpointing the perfect influencer with its advanced finder to effortlessly managing collaborations via our robust CRM, Influencer Hero offers you an unparalleled level of control and insight.

With their platform, brands can navigate the vast digital landscape with ease, harnessing the power of influencer marketing to reach new heights. 


User generated content is only going to increase and so will its influential powers. The above-mentioned UGC tools will help you leverage this content type to grow your business. However, before selecting a tool for your business, thoroughly analyze your business needs and then look for a tool that fulfills all your needs the best.

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