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Social Media Marketing Ideas For Christmas

Merry days and, of course, lots of shopping are expected during the final months of the year. And as Christmas is coming up soon, so it's time to start putting your end-of-year social media strategy into action.


Merry days and, of course, lots of shopping are expected during the final months of the year. And as Christmas is coming up soon, so it’s time to start putting your end-of-year social media strategy into action.

To get your customers excited for the forthcoming holiday season, you must be preparing for Christmas as a brand. Whatever business you’re in, the holiday season is a chance to update your social media presence, expand your audience, foster loyalty, and increase your sales this Christmas.

The core of these initiatives is social media marketing because, according to Fortunly, 23% of American Christmas shoppers actively use social media to make purchasing decisions.

The strongest motivators for shopping are social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Every brand’s top priorities are increased brand awareness, consumer engagement, and high conversion rates, and accomplishing these goals is made much more doable by putting excellent marketing strategies into practice.

So, it’s time to brainstorm some brilliant ideas for increasing your conversion rates.

12 Social Media Marketing Ideas For A Booming Christmas Season

The best Christmas marketing strategies listed below might assist you in achieving the main goals of your company.

1. Endure Christmas vibes throughout your social media profile

The best Christmas marketing strategy involves modernising the look of your website and social media profiles. Give your online shops a Christmassy design and feel.

Your website and social media profiles need to seem appealing to draw visitors. Red and green, the joyful holiday season hues, are the only colours that may be used to accomplish this.

You can also share content that is coloured red and green, which symbolises the Christmas spirit.

Update the language and holiday imagery on your brand’s profile and cover photos. This would pique the interest of the clients.

Consider the Bath & Body Works Christmas advertising campaign as inspiration. They ensure that their products remain in the spotlight by using the colours and the decor in an incredibly tasteful way.

2. Run a Christmas hashtag campaign 

The development of a hashtag campaign can be one of the best strategies to increase engagement with your business. A hashtag can encourage more discussion and user-generated content for your brand.

Finding a suitable hashtag to represent your brand is the first step in several of these steps. Then, by including it in your social media bios, stories, and posts, you may promote your hashtag across a variety of social media sites.

You can encourage your fans to utilise your hashtags when sharing content about your brand, its goods, and services.

However, holding a contest is still one of the most crucial ways to spread the word about your hashtag campaign. The audience is significantly more engaged when a contest is organised with rewards for the winners and incentives for creators.

3. Propel the use of UGC

You are undoubtedly missing out on a lot if you are not utilising UGC to its fullest during this holiday season. You may achieve next-level visibility and learn how the public views your brand by using user-generated content.

UGC contributes to a marketing campaign’s credibility and authenticity, which encourages user conversions and boosts revenue.

With UGC, you can increase your exposure across several social media platforms while simultaneously encouraging your followers to produce original material for you.

Multiple marketing platforms, including websites, digital screens, social advertisements, reposting, e-commerce sites, email campaigns, etc., can employ this user-generated content.

You’ll be surprised at the range of content producers can produce based on the nature of your brand, from holiday-themed photos to showcasing various types of looks using particular products.

As a result, not only will you increase brand exposure, but you’ll also have some awesome free content to upload!

4. Set up a Christmas countdown 

Everyone gets quite enthusiastic about Christmas because, for many people, it is the most anticipated season of the year.

Because of this, many businesses choose to include Christmas countdowns in their seasonal advertising. This is a nice approach to increase interaction and keep their profiles active and engaged.

Jo Malone London, a UK-based perfume manufacturer, uses an efficient architecture in their Instagram profile, often known as the “checkerboard.” The checkerboard effect is achieved by posting the two themes in this pattern alternately; one of the themes is typically a deeper colour than the other.

A thrilling strategy to boost engagement is to gradually unveil more secrets as the countdown progresses, with the major reveal being on the last day.

5. Frame a Christmas gift guide

You can take advantage of the fact that Christmas is one of the most well-liked present-giving occasions by creating a gift guide. During this season of the year, your supporters and admirers actively hunt for gifts.

One in three Americans, according to a Sprout Social survey, are influenced by social media when making holiday purchases. As a social media Christmas campaign, a guide with a variety of gift suggestions your brand has to offer performs fantastically.

For Christmas, you can make distinct guides for couples, families, men, women, kids, and even pets.

Each year, gift guides for the holidays are published by publications like Vogue. There is already a list for 2023.

6. Engage in a deal with influencers 

Large-followed social media influencers have proven to be quite beneficial for businesses, particularly around the holidays when people are more likely to make purchases.

Because of this, influencer marketing has become increasingly popular among firms that want to build their social media presence over time. According to a recent study, 71% of social media users believed that influencers had a big impact on their shopping decisions.

A successful influencer marketing strategy is essential since numerous factors exist, including metrics, demographics, and categories.

You’ll also need to make decisions on your campaign’s objectives, funding, strategy for contacting influencers, and many other things.

7. Target audience

The most successful and original social media marketing tactic is to target localised offers. For instance, you may send a text message notice or an offer to a certain area.

Create distinct sets or groups of ads with several locations if you want to run advertisements across a wide range of platforms.

For instance, if you wish to run advertisements in the USA, avoid creating a mixed ad group. Make several ad groups and target them in different cities.

The entire customer lifecycle, from discovery and purchase through engagement and retention, is successful for location-based marketing.

For instance, location-based marketing may inform a potential customer that a product they have been contemplating is available at a nearby retailer, enabling them to pick it up right away.

8. Send Christmas greetings along with the purchase

Being grateful to your consumers for supporting you throughout the year and their company is one of the best Christmas marketing strategies. To send to your email list, ask your designers to create a lovely digital card with a little personalised greeting.

Even better, create a card specifically for each group on your email list based on how they are progressing through the buying process. Customers on the customer list may be thanked with a 5% discount on their subsequent purchase; those who have already checked out could receive a 10% discount, and so on.

9. Dispense some Christmas recipes

Sharing recipes that have a Christmas theme is one of the best Christmas marketing concepts. Sharing Christmas recipes is a terrific way to get folks in the holiday spirit if your business is about or involves food.

Play to your strengths and develop recipes based on the food you are accustomed to, or try something new that you have never eaten before.

You can assemble well-known Christmas recipes from around the world and turn them into successful content if you appeal to a wide range of people.

Your followers will adore this kind of social media material, which includes anything from Instagram posts and stories to YouTube and TikTok videos.

10. Come up with exciting offers and sales

To draw in more customers, you might provide unique deals and discounts and build your marketing approach around the concept of gifting.

Festive holiday discounts are wonderful offers that encourage people to make additional purchases. To communicate with your customers both online and offline, create visuals, GIFs, etc., that are aesthetically appealing and innovative.

Run enticing promotions like buy one get one free or a flat 20% discount to encourage more people to purchase your product.

Using a promotional coupon on social media might help increase traffic to your website. Promote this coupon on Twitter, Instagram, and in posts and stories.

11. Hold a festive contest or giveaway

To keep consumers in a festive attitude, marketers attract customers’ attention with the greatest social media contest ideas and creative Christmas giveaway contest ideas.

Christmas contests are a marketing strategy that can generate awareness for your business by motivating your current fans to recruit new ones in exchange for the chance to win the prize you’re giving away.

People simply love the prospect of winning when it comes to the fundamentals of competitions or giveaways. More specifically, Instagram accounts that run contests see a 70% faster increase in followers than those that don’t.

This is a terrific method to develop an audience that could eventually become your consumers, especially if you’re a smaller business or are just getting started with social media.

12. Publish creative and engaging blogs and Vlogs

You can engage your audience by writing creative blogs and articles about topics like holiday gift ideas, holiday décor, Christmas ideas, and gifts for close friends and family.

The suggestions that can make it simpler for readers to schedule their activities around the holiday season are guaranteed to be well received.

Moving on to video material is currently the most shared type of content on social media. So making a Christmas video campaign is not a bad idea.

Focus on your concept and a compelling message, then allow the visuals to tell the tale to create adaptable video content.

Concluding words

Once you have all these delightful pointers, you can schedule Christmas posts in your calendar.

Your Christmas marketing efforts will thrill clients and not just add seasonal “noise” online if you use all the concepts and layouts we’ve given you here.

Your company will be better positioned to stand out from the crowd over the holidays if you invest in a well-thought-out Christmas social media campaign with a variety of appealing components.

Spreading optimism through your postings, encouraging sharing, and connecting with the right individuals will help you attract new clients while also gaining their long-term brand loyalty.

So, start using these creative marketing ideas and watch your business expand at a commendable pace!

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